Backstory of a little love song

No Dramas ! No Intros ! So Here Goes!

Meenakshi And Praveen Were Bought Up In Abudhabi. Praveen Always Knew Who Meenakshi Was And Had Seen Her Around Even Considering That They Both Went To The Same Tuitions Since 9th Grade. But Our Dear Meenakshi Was Oblivious To The Existence Of This Shy Young Man. Fast Forwarding Through High School And Onto College, Praveen’s Best Friend Ended Up In The Loop Of Meenakshi’s Good Friends . Coincidently, The Two Even Ended Up Studying In Different Departments Of Same College. And Just Like That, One Random Day, She Decides To Call Meenakshi Out To Attend A Food Fest.

Meenakshi. Oblivious To The Fact That The Food Fest Would End Up Gifting Her With Something More Than Just Food, Declines At First. On The D-Day, Her Roommates Who Are Actually In The Same Class As Our Best Friend Here, Drags Her Out To The Food Fest. And Getting Down To The Venue, Lo And Behold! There Is Our Hero Who Had Come Over From Banglore For The Weekend To Meet Up With His Friends. One Thing Led To Another And All Friends, Bored By The Fest, Decides To Go To A Pub Together. But This Wasn’t The Night That Changed Their Life. This Was The Night That They Clicked Together. In Fact All The Conversation In The World That Night That They Had, Was About Beer. A Few Days Later, The Same Group Goes Out Clubbing And Of Course, Meenakshi Being The Party Animal That She Is, Tagged Along And Yet Again Ended Up Meeting Up With Praveen. A Few Minutes And A Few Drinks Down,

The Two Of Them Are Halfway Through Discussing Marital Life Together! Neither He Nor She Was Sure As To What Led To What And The Next Thing They Knew They Are Talking About A Life Together.

Well This Left The Two In Quite A Shock And The Next Day They Decide To Meet Up Again To Talk About What Exactly Had Come Over The Two At The Club. They Meet And It Is Super Awkward Between Them That They Decide To Go To A Nearby Pub And Chill For A While So That They Could Loosen Up A Little. A Few Hours Later, They Cannot Get Enough Of Talking To Each Other. Night Arrives And Praveen Realises Its Time To Leave And The Two Go Home With Promises To Stay In Touch. Now Let Us Fast Forward A Bit, Yeah? Two Years Down The Road, Meenakshi’s Elder Sister’s Marriage Brings Praveen Right Into The Scrutiny Of Her Parents. And Guess What? Bingo! Her Parents Absolutely LOVED Him. Soon Enough, The Parents Meet, The Date Is Fixed And The Next Thing On The Road They Are About To Get


Who Would Have Ever Thought That Back In Seventh Grade, A Playful List Of Her Ideals Which Included A Calm, Tall, Guitar Playing Guy Would Turn Out To Be Her Tuition Mate Of Whose Existence She Was Unaware To Back Then!


Outfit: Vara Mahalakshmi

MUA: Unni PS

Jewellery: Bhima, Thirubonvandas


Outfit: Kalyan