A tale of singularity – Varanasi

Within Him lived She, Bound for Eternity.

They say that there exists a woman in every man. Goddess Parvati forms an androgynous form with Lord Shiva to show that the feminine energy and masculine energy of the universe is a synthesis. Simply put, they are the example of a perfect marriage. It was on the 27th of February that we decided we should try something new for our latest couple. It was a plan that has been in our plans for the past year. This time, we decided to take the risk and think out of the box and get the job done.

The video starts off with a woman and her journey and explorations in the beautiful and

mysterious Varanasi. Soon we find that the video is not just about her but also about a man who, just like her, takes his time exploring the beautiful land. The two of them does not seem to be aware of the other but are simply lost in the beauty that the land unfolds. Next thing we know, we see that the man wakes up with a start in a train compartment and gets off the train immediately. Right after, we see that the girl he saw in his dreams was right behind him all along in the same train, at the same compartment. The woman in the dream was the man himself. Just like how in Shiva Parvati existed as the other half, the woman in the dream was the man’s Parvati.

The three minutes and thirty eighty second video was the result of an eight day shoot. The main shoot started off on the second of march. To capture the picturesque beauty of Varanasi in its all true glory, we set out at 4 am. If there is one thing about Varanasi that should not be missed, then its the infamous sunrise with the Ganga in its view. Location hunting involved walking almost 20 kilometers back and forth between the various temples to capture the perfect shots. The main target was to find many different locations to shoot at and this went on from 4 am upto 7 to 8 pm at night. The whole place was crowded with people who had come from all over the world and had been camping there for over a month as it was the Kumbamela time. 4th of March which was the last day was the most crowded day that we had ever faced as it was the last day, that is,

the day of Shivrathri.



Couple – Aiswaria & Balkrishnan

Shot by Ruben & Vinu

Attire – Fabindia

Camera – Sony A73

Lenses – G master & Zeiss Batis Lenses