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Founded in 2015, Magic Motion Media is dedicated to delivering exceptional creative and conceptual experiences in wedding photography. Throughout our 8-year journey, we have not only achieved numerous successes but also touched the hearts of countless couples. By capturing authentic moments, we create lasting memories for our clients. In addition to fulfilling our company vision, we foster strong relationships and connections with our clients and their families.


Magic Motion Media captures the essence of your special day by weaving captivating love stories that transcend time. Our award-winning services make your wedding an extraordinary experience.

* 300+ 5-Star Client Reviews

The delight of our clients is our ultimate reward. With over 300 glowing 5-star reviews, our dedication to providing exceptional service has created countless heartwarming memories.

Our Lens, Your Memories,
Forever Yours

Unparalleled Workflow Efficiency

Our CRM Team Creates An 87-Step Workflow, Ensuring Seamless Pre-Production, Post-Production, And Timely Delivery Of Timeless Tales.

Top-Level Technologies and Platforms

The AI-Powered Platforms Enhance Photo And Film Sharing, Improving Viewer Experience And Allowing Nostalgia And Joy In Reliving Special Moments.

Safeguarding Your Precious Memories

We Value Your Memories And Ensure Their Preservation Through High Data Safety Standards And Reliable Storage Solutions, Ensuring They Are Cherished For Generations.

The Finest Prints and Handcrafted Albums

Our Handcrafted Albums, Made With Premium Materials And Quality Craftsmanship, Come With A Lifetime Guarantee To Ensure Timeless Elegance And Charm, Helping Treasured Memories Endure The Test Of Time.

Unleashing Cinema Line Shooting Standards

Experience The Finest Cinematic Treatment For Your Love Story With Sony Cinema Line Cameras, Capturing Emotions In 4K Resolution And 10-Bit Colour.

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