Malavika & Ashwin – Breakfast for two please

In a world where differences often create distance, Ashwin and Malavika stand as a testament to the harmonious blend of contrast. Their story, a symphony composed of clashing notes and harmonies, resonates with the beauty of opposites coming together to create a unique union.

Ashwin always had a penchant for melodies and the stage but found his counterpart in Malavika, an architect by profession who thrived in the world of structure and creation. Their paths, although divergent, converged into a beautiful narrative that defied the norms.

Their love story, spanning four years, transcended these distinctions.

Ashwin, the family-oriented extrovert, always found his soul nourished in the love he showered upon his near and dear ones.

“Music pulses through his veins, a language he speaks fluently, sharing its fervour with everyone around him.”

Meanwhile, Malavika, only with her circle of close friends unveiled her expressive nature, embracing her introverted side.

Despite their contrasts, their bond is a tale of everlasting love woven with the threads of passions shared between them and mutual admiration. Ashwin, who finds inspiration in Malavika’s creativity, often borrows from her groove moves on stage and humorously admits to appropriating her jokes, albeit without due credit.

Their synergy emerges from this delightful blend of contrasts.

Together, they embrace each other’s worlds, bridging gaps between melodies and silence, extroversion and introversion, stage lights and solitary artistry. Their union stands as a testament to the beauty of embracing differences and finding love in the harmonious blend of contrasting notes—a love that transcends boundaries and celebrates the uniqueness in each other.

Their story is a testament to the beauty of finding love in the most unexpected places, where differences aren’t obstacles but rather the threads that weave an extraordinary tale of love and companionship.