Meant to be – Nathalie & Gustaf – Dubai, U.A.E

Here’s something about cross-cultural weddings that always steals our hearts! Nathalie and Gustaf’s cross-desi nuptials was one such heartwarming affair that had us asking for more. From being friends in college to lovers post graduating to locking in on forever, they have come a long way indeed, concluding their story with one of the most gorgeous weddings we have seen! Although the global lockdown and Covid woes tried putting hurdles in the couple’s wedding planning process, our bride and groom ensured that their love could surpass them all. Right from changing their wedding date once to changing the ‘country’ in which their wedding was to happen, from India to Dubai, Nathalie and Gustaf did prove to the world that they were, indeed, meant to be… And how! Their gorgeous bridal aesthetics and adorable smiles are enough to make you swoon… And we still wonder how they managed doing all of it only within a month! From a Haldi that can put even the most aesthetic frames to shame to Phera’s that are absolutely spell-binding, Nathalie and Gustaf’s happily ever after was indeed a photographer’s dream. Here’s a sneak peek into the festivities. Don’t forget to tell us how you like it!