Shivani & Bonish – Love transcending miles…

The hallowed halls of Bombay’s revered HR College was the witness to Shivani & Bonish’s new found love that began blossoming in 2012. What commenced as a genuine friendship metamorphosed into a profound romance by 2016. Their journey encountered a challenge when they pursued individual dreams in the United States from 2018 onward. While Shivani embarked on an MBA odyssey in Boston, Bonish delved into the realm of Real Estate Finance in the bustling city of New York.

The plot took a thrilling turn in 2020 as the cosmic forces conspired to reunite them in the heart of New York City. This marked the beginning of a new chapter in their love saga.

What renders Shivani and Bonish’s love narrative truly enchanting is the fusion of their diverse backgrounds. Shivani, a proud Marwadi, and Bonish, a rooted Gujarati, seamlessly blend their cultural hues, creating a harmonious symphony. The quiet charisma of Bonish perfectly counterbalances Shivani’s vivacious spirit, resulting in a union of these two beautiful souls. Infusing a dash of nostalgia into their love story is their shared penchant for 2000s Bollywood movies, weaving a unique thread into the fabric of their shared experiences.

The grand finale of their love story unfolded at The Hyatt in Jaipur, where the canvas of their love story was painted with vibrant hues. Adorned with bright decor, their big fat Indian wedding played host to a multitude of close friends and family, marking the auspicious beginning of their shared journey.

In this celebration of love and union, Shivani and Bonish’s story stands as a testament to the enduring power of love, triumphing over distances and challenges, ultimately culminating in a happily ever after.