A vivacious bloom of colours! – Poornima & Nikhil – Kumarakom

The Cameras In Our Hands Swear By Our Love For Colours! Stunning Aesthetic Frames Are All That We Live For And Smiles Fill Out Hearts With Euphoria. What More Does A Photographer Even Need? Poornima And Nikhil’s Marriage, Hosted At The Gokulam Grand Resort & Spa In Kumarakom Was Exactly A Dream Come True For Us! Painted In The Most Vivid, Vivacious Colours, The Beautiful Bi-Cultural Union Was A Glorious, Gorgeous Affair Full Of Both Blooming Flowers As Well As Blooming Faces! The Josh Was High… As You Can See. And The Simplicity Of The Rituals Made The Celebration Even Richer In Emotions. Not To Miss All Those Vibrant Silks Our Pretty Girl Poornima Was Draped In. We Are Going To Take A Long Long While To Get Over This Stunning, Heartwarming Celebration. Sharing Some Of It With You. Have A Look!