An eclectic amalgamation of two distinct yet equally beautiful and traditionally rich cultures, Shreya and Abhimanyu's wedding saw the Marwadi and Nepalese cultures blend spectacularly! Having met at a club absolutely by chance 4 years ago, the couple went from exchanging drinks to exchanging rings and how! After a mesmerising proposal at the couple's favourite date place where they had dined for the first time together, they ensured that no stone was left unturned while planning the most special day of their lives in the most special way! Having picked the Inter Continental Fujairah for the ceremony, the couple ensured that their quaint intimate wedding was a mix of both

Rachel and Ruben exchanged their vows of love to each other through their endearment shoot in quaint and lush backdrops of the CGH Brunton Boatyard, Kochi. Magic Motion Media's signature style on the classic western theme of documenting 'Elopement Wedding' can be seen here. A non-conventional way of celebrating the couple's love for each other, the "Endearment ceremony' not just had them bound in the Vow of Love tete-a-tete, but also let them bask in the purity of the euphoric moment just amidst each other's presence. The seclusion helped our team capture the couple's most vulnerable yet happy moments at their candid best. Here's a look into all that occurred at

The cameras in our hands swear by our love for colours! Stunning aesthetic frames are all that we live for and smiles fill out hearts with euphoria. What more does a photographer even need? Poornima and Nikhil's marriage, hosted at the Gokulam Grand Resort & Spa in Kumarakom was exactly a dream come true for us! Painted in the most vivid, vivacious colours, the beautiful bi-cultural union was a glorious, gorgeous affair full of both blooming flowers as well as blooming faces! The josh was high… as you can see. And the simplicity of the rituals made the celebration even richer in emotions. Not to miss all those vibrant silks our pretty girl Poornima was draped in. W

The magnificent facades of the Palm Jumeirah provided for the most stunning backdrops as Sumaiya walked down the aisle draped in gorgeous red silks, under a magnificent phoolon ki chadar. The aura was at its peak auspicious glory as Saffi watched his bride proceed towards him - a sight straight out of an ethereal love story. The Nikkah ceremony that followed was nothing less than an absolute dream - an occasion we feel absolutely thrilled to be a part of. Their families came together to rejoice the holy occasion and made for some encaptivating frames! Here are some of our favourite captures from the day.

What is it that makes a love story successful? Is it a romantic proposal under the starlit sky or a big, fat wedding celebration that leaves everyone spellbound? We doubt! Maybe because we have witnessed so many stories reach their 'happily ever after's now, that we have moved past all the glamour and started looking at the tiny nuances that bring them closer to the milestone. Just like Menaka & Pratik - the lead characters of our story today, who believe in 'balancing' each other out, in their own words. Although having different choices that are often poles apart, they still believe in being by each other's side, having each other's back and growing together to becom

From Ross and Rachel to Rahul and Anjali, if there's anything that films and shows over the years has taught us, it's that the secret to true love is all about falling in love with your best friend! Dimple and Niven couldn't agree more! Dimple grins ear to ear as she claims to be Niven's best friend for years! Her eyes twinkle a little extra every time she mentions how they have been friends for so long and how he always ensured to make at least one phone call a day to her, right before WhatsApp and instant messaging existed.  Now that is the kind of love we all yearn for, don't we?  Well, what's meant to be is meant to be and our lovely couple here eventually decided

While going to Goa is itself a dream come true for some, for a few others it's just the first step to achieve a bigger, special dream... Just like Nikita and Pawan who happened to cross paths in Goa leading to become each other's lifelong companions! They were introduced when both their best friends were dating each other. What was supposed to be 'just one date' ended up being 'that one date' and next thing they knew was that they were ready to tie the knot! Nikita says that choosing a destination in Rajasthan and figuring out the logistics was no cakewalk for them! From taking a road trip through the desert land to choose the perfect place to ensuring that all the righ