When You Know, You Know – Keerthana & Anand – Kochi, Kerala

Has Love Ever Touched You In A Way That It Changed The Way You Look At The World? That It Had You Going From Hating Much To Having It Become An Invincible Part Of Your Life? That It Had You Wrapped In It So Beautifully That You Just Knew… That It Was Always Meant To Be This Way!

Keerthana And Anand Met Each Other Via Hinge. Their Conversation Went From The App To A Date At SoHo Real Quick And The Next Thing They Knew Was That They Could Barely Spend Time Apart From Each Other! They Would Define Their Relationship As That Of Two Like-Minded People Who Prioritise Similar Things While Being Different Enough To Be Learning From Each Other Constantly!

Perfection… Isn’t It? Touch Wood!

Their Very Traditional South Indian Wedding Was A Sight To Behold And How! A Celebration That Spanned Over 5 Beautiful Functions That Were An Opulent Amalgamation Of Their Rich And Vibrant Heritage And Some Mad Revelry, Keerthana And Anand’s Nuptials Also Made For Some Really Awe-Inspiring Frames… Such A Delight For Our Cameras! They Ensured That Their Wedding Was A Heartfelt Union Of Their Closest Friends And Family! Tender Enough To Ensure That No Heart Wasn’t Brimming With Love And Happiness As The Bride And Groom Embarked On Their Forever. Here’s A Sneak Peek Into All The Fun That Ensued. Check It Out Here…