Straight out of a romantic Bollywood flick, Apoorva and Dhiman's love story started a few years back when they were batchmates at a University in Geneva. Although studying different courses, the two happened to bump in to each other quite a few times eventually turning into the best of friends! Dhiman recently confided in to Apoorva that he somehow always found her pretty right from the time they first met! One thing led to another and before the two could even know, Apoorva and Dhiman commited their forevers to each other on a romantic Diwali night! Apoorva calls Dhiman her 4 am friend! Having studied at the same University for multiple years, far away from their homes,

Here's something about cross-cultural weddings that always steals our hearts! Nathalie and Gustaf's cross-desi nuptials was one such heartwarming affair that had us asking for more. From being friends in college to lovers post graduating to locking in on forever, they have come a long way indeed, concluding their story with one of the most gorgeous weddings we have seen! Although the global lockdown and Covid woes tried putting hurdles in the couple's wedding planning process, our bride and groom ensured that their love could surpass them all. Right from changing their wedding date once to changing the 'country' in which their wedding was to happen, from India to Dubai, N