Little Pooja, the only child in her family, always grew up wondering what her life would be like in a joint family. Growing up as the only daughter, the apple of her parents' eyes, Pooja always craved for a family full of siblings. She dreamt of getting married into a house that would come to life each night with the echo of endless laughters of her family members. Being a princess in her own kingdom, Pooja wanted to have a big fat family of her own... A dream she manifested for herself!  Arpan on the other hand, has always been a timid one. He, who would never speak of his feelings for others, but would always have the back of his loved ones. Pooja and Arpan met through

"This guy... I can't believe I'm calling him my husband!", stutters Priyanka as she struggles holding back her giggles while sitting sitting next to her newly married husband! Our not-so-timid bride here can barely contain their excitement as she smiles ear to ear and breaks out into a hearty laughter at the drop of a hat! Our groom on the other hand is his usual poised self, calm and charming as always! We are love with them. And how can we be not? Because this couple is here is legit what marriages are made of. Fun, drama, playful bullying and loads and loads of laughter! From the first time they met each other on a 'dramatic' drive during 'peak covid' as Priyanka

Eclectic hues, dreamy silhouettes and lovely quaint vibes had set the stage of Jaskiran and Rajive's Anand Karaj in Dubai. The two were finally tying the knot after being in love for 10 years - a journey that spanned across Canada, Mumbai and Dubai. Their charming aesthetics reflected through every little element of their wedding decor that was resplendent in shades of ivory and white. Their two felines and a canine were welcoming hosts to the soirée, passionately put together by the bride and her groom. From their traditional Sikh Anand Karaj to a formal white setup that witnessed the couple exchange their vows, the wedding celebrations of Jaskiran and Rajive were every

Maha & Jon's love story began like a conventional millennial tale! Girl swiped boy right on Tinder and sparks began to fly. However, little did they know then that the sparks would actually make way for wedding sparkles... 8 years down the line! We are absolutely thrilled to become a part of this heartwarming affair and would love to give you a sneak peek of their Love Story. Venue : Four Seasons Hotel, Bahrain Event Planner : Ever After, Bahrain

Divya and Darshan's love story began in 2017 when they met each other at their workplace in Mumbai. While it was nothing less than 'love at first sight' for Darshan, Divya considered him her 'friend' for quite some time. Darshan, smitten by his colleague, couldn't stop himself from sending a friend request on Facebook and the next thing he knew was that they were spending their evenings in each other's company at the magnificent sea face of Marine Drive. However, the absolutely optimistic Darshan did not let the friendzone deter him until she finally realised what her heart really wanted, years after they had met. Now those who have experienced the vibe of Marine Drive wi

Straight out of a romantic Bollywood flick, Apoorva and Dhiman's love story started a few years back when they were batchmates at a University in Geneva. Although studying different courses, the two happened to bump in to each other quite a few times eventually turning into the best of friends! Dhiman recently confided in to Apoorva that he somehow always found her pretty right from the time they first met! One thing led to another and before the two could even know, Apoorva and Dhiman commited their forevers to each other on a romantic Diwali night! Apoorva calls Dhiman her 4 am friend! Having studied at the same University for multiple years, far away from their homes,

Friends are angels in disguise! You'd wonder why we choose to say it here but you'd realise why only when we tell you how Reba met Joemon for the first time!  As destiny would have it, both our girl and boy, Reba and Joe were as single as they could be when they both individually decided to confide into a common friend to set them up with a 'nice' person. An absolutely adorable of a person that their friend was, he played cupid to both of them and set them up on a date. The rest is history!  These two gorgeous individuals tied the knot in middle of the pandemic and yet had the most ever gorgeous wedding they could be. We couldn't agree more!  From the traditional Ma

Who said long distance relationships are difficult? They might be tough for the faint hearted but are definitely smooth as butter for those who have known what true love is! Ask Kartika and Mayank, the couple who always knew that they had to eventually brave the plight of a long distance relationship and yet did not stop themselves from falling for each other... Head over heels! The two knew that they had found their perfect partner for life well within the first week of their post-graduation academic stints at Florida. A mesmerising winter proposal against the snow clad backdrop of Boston led to them sealing the deal forever followed by one of the most heartwarming wedd

We were eagerly waiting for the big union of Shreya and Abhi, as the lockdown had them rescheduling the wedding time and again. As luck would have it, the couple finally tied the knot against the mesmerising facades of the Fujairah and we absolutely love what we captured! The friends and family ensured that we became a part of them and embraced us wholeheartedly. Here's a sneak peek into their big day.