From Ross and Rachel to Rahul and Anjali, if there's anything that films and shows over the years has taught us, it's that the secret to true love is all about falling in love with your best friend! Dimple and Niven couldn't agree more! Dimple grins ear to ear as she claims to be Niven's best friend for years! Her eyes twinkle a little extra every time she mentions how they have been friends for so long and how he always ensured to make at least one phone call a day to her, right before WhatsApp and instant messaging existed.  Now that is the kind of love we all yearn for, don't we?  Well, what's meant to be is meant to be and our lovely couple here eventually decided

While going to Goa is itself a dream come true for some, for a few others it's just the first step to achieve a bigger, special dream... Just like Nikita and Pawan who happened to cross paths in Goa leading to become each other's lifelong companions! They were introduced when both their best friends were dating each other. What was supposed to be 'just one date' ended up being 'that one date' and next thing they knew was that they were ready to tie the knot! Nikita says that choosing a destination in Rajasthan and figuring out the logistics was no cakewalk for them! From taking a road trip through the desert land to choose the perfect place to ensuring that all the righ

Priyam & Ajay's love story begins in New York City where Ajay had flown from Berlin for business. A little swiping on Bumble had him meet Priyam who he asked out for... Umm.. atleast a walk if not coffee! Their first date was a party in itself which began with a brunch that led to a walk in a park followed by a few drink in a roof top bar. Dreamy isn't it? Few years and more such dreamy dates later, Ajay popped the question to Priyam in Berlin in the most adorable yet hilarious fashion he could have ever imagined! From planning not one but two super cutesy proposals in Berlin that both got bummed thanks to the not so supportive weather, Ajay eventually ended up asking Pr

What does a perfect relationship look like? Is it like a bed of roses with no thorn in sight? Is it just about romantic date nights and mushy moments as seen on the big screens? Or is it all about being at each other's side through all things thick and thin? Diane and Mark's love story has seen it all ! Diane proudly claims that while Mark has professed his love for her at some of the most beautiful places on the face of the planet, he has also been by her side through the tough moments of her life! And that is what we would call the most profound definition of love ! While this beautiful couple has been through it all, concluding their story with a wedding that seems str

Has love ever touched you in a way that it changed the way you look at the world? That it had you going from hating mush to having it become an invincible part of your life? That it had you wrapped in it so beautifully that you just knew... That it was always meant to be this way! Keerthana and Anand met each other via Hinge. Their conversation went from the app to a date at SoHo real quick and the next thing they knew was that they could barely spend time apart from each other! They would define their relationship as that of two like-minded people who prioritise similar things while being different enough to be learning from each other constantly! Perfection... Isn

Sharing a passion for the sea, Nima & Gil met at the University of Southampton where they together studied Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. Nima, a Keralite, had found her best friend in this handsome Italian boy through all the innumerable chats they had over Costa Coffee and Carrot Cake. However, it was only when Gil cooked Nima's favourite Chicken Biryani for her did she knew that he was the one she had been looking for all her life. The chicken to her biryani! The rest, as they say, is history! From Tik Tok-inspired proposals to one of the most heartwarming exchange of vows we have witnessed so far, Nima and Gil's spectacular wedding in Italy was a sight t

An eclectic amalgamation of two distinct yet equally beautiful and traditionally rich cultures, Shreya and Abhimanyu's wedding saw the Marwadi and Nepalese cultures blend spectacularly! Having met at a club absolutely by chance 4 years ago, the couple went from exchanging drinks to exchanging rings and how! After a mesmerising proposal at the couple's favourite date place where they had dined for the first time together, they ensured that no stone was left unturned while planning the most special day of their lives in the most special way! Having picked the Inter Continental Fujairah for the ceremony, the couple ensured that their quaint intimate wedding was a mix of both

Here's something about cross-cultural weddings that always steals our hearts! Nathalie and Gustaf's cross-desi nuptials was one such heartwarming affair that had us asking for more. From being friends in college to lovers post graduating to locking in on forever, they have come a long way indeed, concluding their story with one of the most gorgeous weddings we have seen! Although the global lockdown and Covid woes tried putting hurdles in the couple's wedding planning process, our bride and groom ensured that their love could surpass them all. Right from changing their wedding date once to changing the 'country' in which their wedding was to happen, from India to Dubai, N

"I'm getting MARRIEEEED!", screams Nagma as she sits in front of us with the half-wet henna gleaming in her hands. She looks radiant and the twinkle in her eyes is enough to put even the shiniest of stars to shame. She is finally ready to say 'Qubool' to the man of her dreams... the guy who slid into her DMs simping on her shoes (Check her mehendi for more details 😉) Okay... Not kidding! Nagma and Fahd connected over Instagram. "IG gave me my livelihood and my life partner!", gloats Nagma. Not more than 10 days of DMing each other consistently and the wedding bells had already started ringing in Nagma's ears. For Fahd, on the other hand, the crushing game had begun onl