When the world went into quarantine this year, it was only the pure, raw feeling of true love that kept us all going! Like a subtle spark of energy running through our veins, it was love that kept us strong, united and on our feet! Although we all were stuck apart, maintaining distances physically, the pandemic witnessed all our hearts coming together. Weddings continued to happen - some big, some small! But each one turned out to be absolutely mesmerising! Not because they anymore were resplendent in the grandeur of palaces, chandeliers and diamonds but because they were happening all for the sake of love... pure love! Here's an ode to one such beautiful lockdown weddin

From best friends to college sweethearts to partners for life, Prashansa and Adarsh came a long way after meeting for the first time at their alma mater. Through a cross-cultural wedding celebration, the couple celebrated their love by including the little details of both their North and South Indian traditions. Hosted at the ever stunning Taj Bekal, the wedding was resplendent in natural beauty, treating us with a plethora of gorgeous frames! Have a look yourself at the most awaited blog !

We were eagerly waiting for the big union of Shreya and Abhi, as the lockdown had them rescheduling the wedding time and again. As luck would have it, the couple finally tied the knot against the mesmerising facades of the Fujairah and we absolutely love what we captured! The friends and family ensured that we became a part of them and embraced us wholeheartedly. Here's a sneak peek into their big day.

We have raved enough about how much we loved being a part of Radhika and Saksham's big day. But all the efforts turned out to be super gratifying for us when team WeddingSutra decided to award us with the 'Best Photographer Year' title for the couple's wedding album! Here's a sneak peek of the award-winning pictures. Hope you love them as much as we, the couple itself, and even WeddingSutra does! https://www.weddingsutra.com/blog/weddingsutra-photography-awards-2021-winners-revealed/

What does a fresh breeze of cool air feel like on a humid summer noon? To our quarantined hearts it feels exactly like this set of vibrant happy pictures from Neha and Aman's wedding in Udaipur. Meticulously planned by TheMilleniumBridesmaid, the couple's wedding was an eclectic mix of traditions and merriment that gave us the chance to have a blast while shooting them! The result? This beautiful set of spectacular pictures. Have a look!

The cameras in our hands swear by our love for colours! Stunning aesthetic frames are all that we live for and smiles fill out hearts with euphoria. What more does a photographer even need? Poornima and Nikhil's marriage, hosted at the Gokulam Grand Resort & Spa in Kumarakom was exactly a dream come true for us! Painted in the most vivid, vivacious colours, the beautiful bi-cultural union was a glorious, gorgeous affair full of both blooming flowers as well as blooming faces! The josh was high… as you can see. And the simplicity of the rituals made the celebration even richer in emotions. Not to miss all those vibrant silks our pretty girl Poornima was draped in. W

The magnificent facades of the Palm Jumeirah provided for the most stunning backdrops as Sumaiya walked down the aisle draped in gorgeous red silks, under a magnificent phoolon ki chadar. The aura was at its peak auspicious glory as Saffi watched his bride proceed towards him - a sight straight out of an ethereal love story. The Nikkah ceremony that followed was nothing less than an absolute dream - an occasion we feel absolutely thrilled to be a part of. Their families came together to rejoice the holy occasion and made for some encaptivating frames! Here are some of our favourite captures from the day.

What is it that makes a love story successful? Is it a romantic proposal under the starlit sky or a big, fat wedding celebration that leaves everyone spellbound? We doubt! Maybe because we have witnessed so many stories reach their 'happily ever after's now, that we have moved past all the glamour and started looking at the tiny nuances that bring them closer to the milestone. Just like Menaka & Pratik - the lead characters of our story today, who believe in 'balancing' each other out, in their own words. Although having different choices that are often poles apart, they still believe in being by each other's side, having each other's back and growing together to becom